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Fields of Law

Medical Law, Inheritance, Energy Law, Contract Law including Labor Law, Adminisrative Law and Criminal Law.


Born at Bonn 1959
Admitted to the Bar Berlin 1990
Doctor of Law Bonn 1993


Economic Council Germany
German Irish Lawyers and Business Association (GILBA)


German, English, French


Gastdozent an der ESCP Europe, Berlin

Dr. Markus Wessel is an experienced lawyer in various fields of the Law. He measures his success by the surplus value of his clients due to his service.


Medical Law
Energy Law
Law of Succession
Company Law
Law of Commerce
Real Estate Law
Criminal Law
Law of Contract, Labour Law
Administrative Law

at German Courts

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My fees will be invoiced pursuant to Lawyers' Compensation Act [Rechtsanwaltsvergütungsgesetz, (RVG)]. In this legislation my fees are stipulated according to the value of the matter in dispute or the matter to be dealt with regardless of the time and work spent on the matter. 'Furthermore according to Lawyers' Compensation Act we can mutually agree in writing and signed on fees (e.g. based on an hourly rate), which must be higher than the regular fees stipulated in Lawyers' Compensation Act.

If you need my advice as a consumer, a first advice shall be charged in an amount not exceeding 190€ (exclusive VAT and a standard rate for expenses of 20€, this equals 249, 90€ incl. standard rate for expenses and VAT). A first advice implies a first visit and consultation on a matter or a general advice. Not included in a first advice shall be a written document created by me or with my help or a list produced by me.

However, there is nothing to replace a personal discussion. Conversations by telephone or by e-mail will not replace a personal discussion according to my experience.

You are welcome to make an appointment for a personal discussion by telephone or by e-mail.


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t. +49 (0)30 88707777
f. +49 (0)30 88707779

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Dr. Markus Wessel
Schlüterstraße 39
10629 Berlin
t. +49 (0)30 88707777
f. +49 (0)30 88707779

Rechtsanwalt Dr. Markus Wessel is admitted to the courts of the Federal Republic of Germany as attorney and he is a member of Bar Association Berlin, Littenstrasse 9, 10179 Berlin.

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