Labour Law and Corona (Covid-19)

We are all taken by surprise with Corona (Covid-19). Nevertheless German Labour Law still rules working contracts. If an entity suffers from the impact of Corona redundancies are not always neccessary. In Germany we have „Kurzarbeit“ which means that working hours and wages can be reduced and the state covers part of the difference. „Kurzarbeit“ does not work if it wasn‘t mutually agree upon in a working contract before and announced by the employer in due time. If the employer makes a mistake the employee might have a claim für disembursements covering the difference between „Kurzarbeitergeld“ and wages.

If the employer decides to shut down his entity to inhibit an infection with Corona of his employees, he will be liable for the employee‘s wages.

If the entity is shut down by order of the health authority or put to quarantine due to Corona, there will be compensation by the state according to §56 Infektionsschutzgesetz.

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